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Why do you think migraines are not curable?

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Migraines are not curable?

Many people think that migraines are not curable. Experts say there is no cure for migraines but some treatment drugs and some precautionary migraine attack chances may be reduced. Migraine is the worst disease in this world which is scattered across the world. Migraine sufferers find it difficult to strike a conversation with strangers, they get jittery in daily life style. They find it difficult to do work and they back out from many tasks due to their migraine problem they get discouraged in life. Even they drift apart from their colleagues and relatives. First I suggest finding out the main cause of migraines. Are you stressed out when you are in problems, over thinking is also the cause of migraine. If you are taking proper treatment on a daily basis definitely you can be relieved from migraine pain. Some home remedies treatment and take some precaution you relief from your migraine.M

Essential oil

Definitely migraine is curable if you want. It all depends on you and your daily routine work and your lifestyle. Some people are very rigid they don’t want to change their lifestyle but they want relief from migraines. But it’s not possible. There are a lot of people who are relieved from migraines without any medication. But they follow their daily protocol and routine  and reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. So today I am discussing the migraine home remedies. Headache and migraine is a disorder that you never underestimated and this is the most common disease of the nervous system. That is the main reason doctors and health consultants advised us to take precautions everyday. Migraine symptoms are very common that I have already mentioned in my previous migraines blog. 


Home remedies are natural and 100% pure. It is total drug free might be it does not give you instant relief but it cures from your migraine slowly.  

  1. Avoid High Dense food:
    High dense food is not good for your health, high cholesterol and fat are harmful to our body. It blocks our blood vessels which may also affect the nervous system also. 

Have you taken veg foods, salads and fruits these rich sources of multivitamins and proteins? If you don’t you must start to take green veg foods, fruits and salad because it contains vitamins and minerals in large amounts.    

  • Apply Essential Oils: Essential oil is a panacea for headache and migraine. Lavender and peppermint oil is best for massaging. The people who inhale lavender oil during the migraine attack, it relieves you fastly. Daily massage on your forehead with a light hand from the small essential oil drops are very effective.
  • Acupressure Press specific: Acupressure is also the most effective treatment for migraine. You press some specific point of your body to relieve pain. You can do it anytime whenever you get time. It is a very good alternative therapy which prevents chronic migraine pain.  
  • Take Ginger: Ginger powder, Ginger tea, Ginger paste, Ginger with honey ark is very helpful to reduce the severity and duration of migraine attack. Ginger contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that are very good for health also.
  • Yoga is everything: Meditation, long breathing and body posture that may help to improve your health. Yoga reduces the intensity and frequency of migraines.  Yoga may help to reduce your mental stress and tension. It improves and builds a stronger nervous system that manages our whole body in proper function. Yoga is very effective for all diseases.   

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