Thu. Jul 2nd, 2020

Why are vitamins important during pregnancy ?

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Vitamins are the essential nutrient for our body which give our body fit. During pregnancy, women’s bodies change their hormones. So, every mother needs vitamins and a nutrient diet for a healthy baby. Vitamins recover the nutrient gap in your diets. Vitamin contains so many components like folic acid, iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, and others. Folic Acid helps to prevent neural tube birth defect which directly effects in the brain and spinal cord of the body. In 28 days of pregnancy neural tube is developing. So every woman needs intake at least 400mcg of folic acid per day. Like Iodine, zinc, Iron is preventing from cretinism, preterm birth, reduce the risk of low birth weight respectively. Vitamins and minerals support to maternal and fetal growth of women in each stage of pregnancy and it also supports the in the critical function of the body. Iron and calcium also play an important role to develop the hormones of the baby in pregnancy. When the baby has grown in pregnancy, women need to care about to take nutrient diet with calcium, iron, magnesium and other important nutrient. As per researchers, there are many expectant mum to make healthy during her pregnancy time. But due to lack of vitamins, mum will face the problem during the delivery. So, Every mum should take a healthy and nutritious diet plan because if mum is eating healthy food baby become healthy.

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