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What are the major causes of “IMPOTENCE”?

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What are the major causes of “IMPOTENCE” ?

What is Impotence, What are the major cause of “impotence”? Now let’s talk about that impotence. Impotence is a disease or illness which is found in men while making relationship with partner. When men secret part does not erect properly or not erect that is called impotence. When men become seually aroused that time men hormones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels all are these work simultaneously. Our brain sent a signal to men secret part which in turn blood flow to the tissues in the secret part of men. Blood fills in the secret part of men and then it erect. After sometime blood vessels close off and the secret part of men erection is maintained. That is the process of erection. Some men have difficulty to maintain erection called erectile dysfunction. And some men don’t have to erect his secret part is called impotence. Some men have another problem like they are not happy in size and hardness this is also considered in erectile dysfunction. This is not a general illness it becomes a major problem in men lifestyle, it breaks relationship with partner. Most of relation broke due to this type of illness. Because of their partner not happy and satisfied while making relationship.

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ED can arise from health issues and emotional issue or both

  1. Being over the age 50 years
  2. Having high blood pressure and sugar (diabetes)
  3. Having cardiovascular disease 
  4. high smoking
  5. being obese 
  6. using drugs and drink too much

Some physical cause of impotence may be happens 

When secret part of men cannot trap the blood during erection these problems can arise at any age.

  1. Health can reduce the blood vessels flow into the internal part. 
  2. Nerve signal not reach due to spinal cord problem.
  3. Cancer treatment near the pelvis may affect on secret part of men functionality and radiation may also affect.  

Emotional Cause of ED and Impotence

  1. First depression that is the most common cause of ED.
  2. Anxiety is also type of depression it change your lifestyle completely.
  3. Confliction in relationship 
  4. Take more stress in home and your job work.
  5. Extra worry about making relationship.

How can you treat yourself

  1. First if you’re a smoker, drinker you must quit smoking and drinking.
  2. Do regular physical exercise like jogging, yoga and some workouts like push ups and weight lifting etc.
  3. Stop illegal drug uses.

Take more nutrition and healthy food. You can take also health supplement diet which have rich of proteins and multivitamins

From the above content, we seen that not a single illness is simple.  It becomes major and directly effects on our life. World health organization erectile dysfunction statistic data says that over 30 Million men have suffering from these problems. Some approx figures are European countries 10% to 76.5% , Asian Countries 8% – 71.2%, Oceania 40.3 – 60.69%, African Countries 24% – 58.6% , North America countries 20.7% – 57.8%, South America 14% to 55.2%. Whereas approx 50% of men aged between 40 years to 70 years,  severity condition of Erection dysfunction also increase approx 5% at the age of 50 and 15% at the age of 70 year in the US Region.

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