Thu. Jul 2nd, 2020

5 Tips to build your relationship more strong

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Are you feeling guilt in a bed during relation with your partner? Sometimes it creates a misunderstanding between the partners. Erectile dysfunction is a major problem which is found in men. In a bed with your partner you sometime guilty due to erectile dysfunction problem. It happens when men have ongoing problem during relationship with partner. Approximately 60K cases in a year of ED reported in health consultant organization. An erection process very complex process in men’s body. This problem found in ratio 1 by 5 men. There are so many reasons behind the ED. ED define or refer the trouble of erection. These problems create gap in between couples. Many couples are not happy having long lasting relationship. Are you facing these type of problems your partner are not happy with you due to easy discharge. If you are ill with ED so these are the common symptoms like erection that are too soft, Erection that are don’t last enough during relation, An inability to get an erection during relation. When ED occurs, brain and genital nerves start the responds the blood circulation. When the blood flow will restrict in penis it can cause of ED.  There are so many medications are available in the market but sometimes they reflect bad effect on your body in bad manner. So, if you prefer the medication firstly you consult with health physician. Women are not satisfied from her partner due to Heavy smoking, drinking, and taking drugs can also major cause of ED that can damage your blood vessels and reduce the blood flow into your penis. Some small tips may have a good effect on your life. Experts said that some daily habits can change your life and you will become healthy and live a good life with your partner. Just follow

  1. Do exercise on a regular basis.
  2. Eat Healthy multivitamins diet.
  3. Take herbal medication
  4. Use herbal supplements 
  5. Acupuncture
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