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The Uncommon Muscles for life

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If you’re planning to build your body muscles or want to make bodybuilding. Firstly you know about the muscles that is the most important for you. Today our topic is “THE UNCOMMON” muscles for life. We chose this name because we all know muscles is very common word but its not very common for fitness. Its very sensitive part of our body. Without muscles we’re nothing. Muscles that give you shape our body it protects our bones and body parts as well. Muscles is life a safety guard of our body that give us motion as well nutrition. It is primarily responsible for motion, blood circulation through nerves, maintaining posture and locomotion of our body. The muscles are responsible to react or control non-postural muscles also. Health consultant expert said that on average adult male and female is made up of 42% and 36% of skeletal muscle respectively.  Our Muscles have contain many micro and macro nutrients that give us energy important nutrition to our body parts for proper function.

uncommon muscles role

Muscles if the soft tissue of our body. Muscles is the combination of millions and billions tissue that contain protein filament of actin and myosin that changes in both length and shape of the cell. We have three types of muscles that are skeletal or striated, cardiac and smooth.   Muscles are playing pivoted role that powered by oxidation of fats and carbohydrates. Approx. 659 Skeletal muscles are present in human body. In skeletal muscles the electrical impulse is transmitted by the nerves that control our body. And cardiac and smooth muscles are stimulated by internal pacemaker cells, In some particular part of our body control by these three muscles parallely. So firstly you understand one thing the most common this in our body is not “THE UNCOMMON” the muscles for life.  Without any strive workout you can make your muscles stronger than others. It doesn’t matter how much you do work hard to make muscles strong. But you should take proper diet and regular practice make your muscles stronger.  


  1. Our muscles are made of fibers and tissues that are thicker and stronger. So, when you workout daily, you should take amino energy drink to repair your damaged muscles. Some muscles damage while workout so want to repair through some supplements.
  2. Your Diet plan should be good full of nutrition and multivitamins. Many calories burned while working out, that’s why you keep proper diet pre and post workout recipes which define that what to eat and when to eat. 
  3. Trust on daily health supplements that give micro and macro nutrient component to our muscles. There are so many gap nutritionally that caused make muscles weak so we take trust on dietary supplement to achieve our daily nutrition requirements.
  4. I saw many people take only supplements twice a day, but don’t do that because sometimes only supplements may have bad effects on our muscles. Your muscles are very sensitive so don’t take more stress and strain in your muscles in starting days of your workout. 

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