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Cloves are used as a spice in cooking. It generally grows in Asia and South America. In ancient medicines history, clove is the most important thing that is used for treatment as a medicine in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda medicines. Cloves contain rich sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds that increase our immune system strength. It reduces inflammation and aid in digestion. It contains powerful germicides which fight with germs and bacteria in our body. Clove oil is used as a parasite to kill the insect and repel the insect. Due to the good fragrance flavor it uses in such daily products like toothpaste, soap and other cosmetics products also. There are  surprising effects of clove  because it contains manganese, fiber, vitamin C and K. Therefore this is very helpful to boost your brain function and immune system also. Sometimes it has a bad effect if you take more than the amount in a day or in a week.

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What are the benefits of Clove?

a. It may fight inflammation: It contains eugenol compounds that work as a powerful anti- inflammatory agent. It contains vitamin C and eugenol both are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which can help slow development of any chronic diseases in our body. Even eugenol stops the oxidative damage which caused by the free radicals it five times more effective than the Vitamin E and other potential oxidants. 

b. Important Nutrients:  Clove is the good source of nutrition 2 grams of clove contain calories:6, Carbs:1 gram, Fiber:1gram. Manganese:55%  of daily value. Vitamin K:2% of Daily value. Which is most important for boosting the brain as well it makes our bones strong. 

c. Protects from cancer:  In some research, the experts found that cloves have some important compounds that fight the cancer cells and reduce the cancer risk. It helps to stop the growth of tumor. Eugenol found in clove, it contains anti cancer properties that reduce the cancer risk.      

d. Regulate the blood sugar level: In the research experts found that clove may help to regulate the blood sugar in our body. It increases the secretion of insulin and improves the proper function of cells that help to produce insulin in our body. because insulin is the most responsible function that transport the sugar from our blood into our cells.

e. Helps to make strong bones: Nowadays we see that bone problems are very common to all in younger and older generations. Cloves increase bone density and strength.

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