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There are lots of people they hide their health problems they didn’t reveal that  when health consultant comes to their health issues. Sometimes it happens when someone suffering from obesity, migraine, erectile dysfunction, weight loss, weight gain and many more. I am not saying that you reveal your problems openly but  at least we must have to consult with health consultant. There are some diseases that may have detrimental effects on our life and society also. The adult hide their health issues and take medication without any consultation. The major diseases are migraine, obesity , erectile dysfunction and depression.

Reveal problem


Now, we are talking about obesity, Obesity is most dangerous diseases in the world. So many people reduce their obesity  herself/himself by operation. Where as many people join weight loss clinic. About $61 Billion dollars market has been reached in the US in obesity sector. Because obesity is the cause of many uninvited diseases like high blood pressure, sugar, joint pain where depression is most of them, heart attack, skin problems. So, I think you won’t shy or hide yourself and reveal your problems with health consultant. Join body activities classes like Yoga, Aerobics, gym etc. Don’t think about what people think. You concentrate you want to reduce your obesity. 


Depression is one of the most dangerous diseases. Depression comes when we tried to hide myself from others. Or we can’t reveal myself due to some problems. Most cases had registered of committed suicide due to depression. Sometimes depression comes from like if you survive a diseases from long time that may also cause of depression.  Approx 43% people have depression due to some major diseases like migraine, obesity and mostly erectile dysfunction of men. The people don’t reveal their problems in front of health consultant due to shy or any reasons. But if you reveal your problems with loved ones or health consultant at least you take direction and sometimes small efforts will make major changes in your life.


Migraine, headache these are common but not common for your lifestyle. Sometimes it becomes a major problem in our life. that’s why we tried to hide migraine or headache problem and take medication. But I suggest you don’t do that you should reveal your problems and go to a health consultant.

That is one of the most most hide able diseases. Most of the people hide this problem from health consultant. If you don’t reveal your problems you will start depression. During the relationship between men and women, they both are expected to satisfy to each other but due to this diseases you can’t do that and your partner not satisfied from you that may be the main cause to increase the distance between you and your partner. So, at least you talk with your partner and should to a doctor. 

Last word to say that, if you survive or suffering from any diseases in your life you should reveal yourself from problem. When you do that, your confidence will level increase not in term of sympathy but in term of you want to recover from this as soon as possible. So, REVEAL YOURSELF, REVEAL YOUR PROBLEMS.

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