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Migraine Prodrome

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Migraine prodrome is the first stage of a migraine. Migraine prodrome phase of a migraine which occurs anywhere from a few hours to few days before the actual attack of a Migraine. Migraine prodrome is usually considered as a warning sign for migraine sufferers which alerts them of a migraine attack. Around 30% of people experience the migraine prodrome phase in all over the world.
The symptoms of Migraine Prodrome are:-
Food cravings
Sensitivity to light sounds
Problems in concentrating
Fatigue and muscle stiffness
Difficulty in sleeping

If a patient notices Prodrome a migraine, they may be able to take measures that abort the attack before it goes further with you. Unfortunately, many choose to take a wait-and-see approach of prodrome, however, as prodrome may not always result in a full-blown Migraine attack. This is often a mistake because the sooner the patient is able to take their Migraine treatment or medication, the more likely the attack will be shorter and less painful or debilitating. A migraine (Migraineurs) who experience the symptoms of prodrome may be mild, moderately or even severely disabled by them much more than was once thought. Preventive agents that are taken on a daily basis to reduce attack frequency of a prodrome migraine. These include beta-blockers, antidepressants, and anti-seizure medicine can sometimes help stop headaches before they start. Acute therapies, like ergots, and triptans can help with the pain once you have a headache or prodrome. They also can help with sound and light sensitivity effects. They work best if you take them as soon as possible after your headache (prodrome) starts.

Key feature
Set a Goal for Acute Treatment.
Recognize a Migraine as a Process.
Determine Which Migraines Need Treatment.
Observe Medication Use.
Understand a Migraine Attack.

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