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How to Reduce Obesity Risk?

We all know today obesity is a very big problem for us. obesity is the root cause of many diseases like diabetes, heart stroke, joint pain, Thyroid. It also main cause of early death. So many cases registered in health care consultant services organization of obesity disease. Some people are confused in between overweight and obesity. Overweight means that your weight is over as per your age, height calculation. But Obesity refers the high body fats as compared to normal fat. In the United States thirty Eight percent of adults and seventeen percent are suffering from obesity diseases. Body fat has consist of essential fat and fat storage. According the human kinetic experts told that in men approx 3% body mass, and 12% body mass in women. Women body fat is more in comparison to men due to reason behind that of childbearing and hormonal function. if they are talking essential body fat and fat storage total  men have 12%-15% and women have 25% – 28%. These are the standard measurement of fat in our body. But in case of more than these standard it means you suffer from obesity. Health experts say you can easily prevent from both cases overweight and obesity through regular exercise. Some people are focused to lose their weight through dieting and all some other activities and some other people focus away from weight loss they focus only towards health only.

Reduce your obesity

Healthy Food and Regular Exercise

There are some regular exercise and take proper healthy food you can prevent from obesity. As well as you may take precautions during your daily routine work and food.  Morning walk, Jogging are best way to lose your weight and also burn your body fat in very rapidly manner. There are so many practices that we give your best result to reduce the fat from your body and lose your weigth.  Don’t take high dense food, these foods contain may increase the fat. You regular diet should be very simple and healthy means full of multivitamins and proteins that may help to make healthy and fit not gain help to gain your body fat. 

Important Facts

Food plays a vital role to process your lose your weight and reduce fat from your body. Most of people left to eat the food or they reduce their regular diet. I don’t think that is the solution to reduce your fat or obesity. If you’re really want to recover the disease obesity. You may take a proper diet full of nutrition and protein. Nuts are rich in protein source that very healthy diet without increasing your weight. Second one yogurt that contains different types of vitamins and minerals are found that are very good for our health and reduce fat. Green Tea is purely herbal product that burn our body fat in very rapidly manner. Bean Sprouts are very helpful to lose your body fat, it has contain dietary fiber and rich in protein and vitamins. It also contains magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. Coconut oil are very effective in comparison to other oils. That reduce the fat stores due to high level of medium chain triglycerides. All these important foods are very helpful to reduce your obesity problem it also prevent and reduce obesity risk. For more questions you can freely to ask us.

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