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Cancer is the most dangerous curse in our world. Every country’s population is fighting cancer risk.  So many doctors, researchers and many more health consultants work on various treatments and doing experiments in different manners on how to save our life. All we know our healthy diet may help to prevent cancer. But I think this is not only one professional responsibility to do work on cancer treatment. We are also responsible for preventing cancer risk.  We can’t fight only from medication we fight from cancer through our diet plan, our daily healthy tips, our daily habits and routine. We protect yourself from cancer risk to use anti cancer foods in your daily diet. Even though you can also help those people who survived cancer risk after reading this content. If you’re not a smoker, not a drinker it doesn’t mean that you’ll never survive cancer risk.

Why Healthy food Important

Cancer has various forms. Our healthy diet plan may help to prevent cancer risk. Our daily habits and our diet plan increase the risk of cancers. Today our environment and atmosphere are very polluted, using pesticide and other chemicals in vegetables and crops very harmful for us. Not from medication only we can fight cancer from various daily and healthy tips also. Just we follow a proper anti-cancer diet in our daily routine. That may help to prevent cancer risk. We all know chemotherapy is the effective treatment of cancer, there is such a limitation. No doubt it is standard treatment in cancer, but it is really true it may have a chance to shut down our immune system.


Broccoli: This food contains sulforaphane that reduces the size and number of breast cancer risk upto 70-75%.  Sulforaphane may help to kill off the prostate,colorectal and colon cancer cells and reduce the tumour upto 50%.  

Carrot: Carrot contains various vitamins and minerals that may help to fight cancer risk. Carrot may reduce the risk of stomach cancer and prostate cancer. It is very helpful for those who are smokers, it reduces lung cancer. Carrot purifiers our blood and increases the blood circulation also.

One Apple per day: An apple is very good for health. It has a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Apple cider vinegar may help to reduce the risk of cancer. An Apple is a polyphenol compound based fruit that may prevent inflammation, cardiovascular diseases. 

Berries: Berries are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals and also a good dietary fiber. It contains antioxidant properties and anthocyanin that may reduce the colon and breast cancer risk. 

Nuts: Nuts are a very popular food for reducing cancer risk. Because it contains selenium which may help to protect lung cancer. Brazil Nuts are very effective and found a high volume of selenium compounds. It prevents colorectal, pancreatic, endometrial and lung cancer risk.  

Turmeric: Turmeric is a very common species, their curcumin properties are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer effects. 4 gm curcumin daily reduces the 40% cancer risk in some months.It decrease the colon cancer cells risk. Turmeric is also very helpful in your joint pain.  Its curcumin properties kill the head and neck cancer cell. It slows the growth of lunch and prostate and breast cancer.

Tomatoes and dark green cruciferous vegetables: Tomatoes and dark green cruciferous vegetables are very helpful to prevent cancer risk. This is a very healthy diet that may help to prevent cancer risk. Tomatoes contain vibrant red color and anticancer properties. It prevents prostate, breast, colon, lung cancers risk Dark cruciferous has contains high volume of minerals, vitamins, antioxidant, anti cancer compounds that may prevent cancer risk. Dark green cruciferous vegetables boost our blood circulation and purify our blood. It boosts oxygen cells to transport in our blood cells that reduce the cancer cells. Green and leafy vegetables are very healthy food.

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