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Many people say frailty is a disease, but it’s not true. Frailty is not a disease, it is a medical condition. Where you lose weight. This problem becomes an older age. Where you lose your strength, stamina and feel tired in an easy task. These people are not really ill but they wouldn’t have to do work due to weakness. Their walking and working activities are agonizingly slow. Frailty becomes a medical condition and it has specific symptoms. Many people succumb to frailty. Therefore we should be aware of this problem and their symptoms also. Frailty condition becomes due to loneliness, lack of eating proper food, less work and involve physical activities like regular exercise and morning walk, depression is also cause of frailty. All are these about the frailty. We should focus on how to prevent it? What should we do? Sometimes frailty comes from, if you had survived from any previous diseases. Sometimes it happens from previous surgery, injury, etc. 


How can we recover from that?

Regular physical activity: If you do daily regular exercise like morning walk, workout this is the best way to remove the frailty problem. From this activity your body joint and muscles are in movement regularly. 

Take more healthy diet: Healthy diet is a basic need to remove the frailty from your body. People need to take three healthy meals in a day. Breakfast should be healthy, people need to take protein and multivitamins in the morning meal. During lunch your food should be a good source of multivitamins like iron, calcium, vitamins, selenium, potassium etc. Dinner should be light that makes your digestive system better.   

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