Thu. Jul 2nd, 2020

How effective is hand sanitizer in preventing Corona Virus 19?

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Now a day shortage of sanitizer in the market due to high demand by people to protect from Corona Virus 19. Yes It is in fact it contains some combination of alcohol, isopropyl and ethanol or n-propane organic compounds that kills the germs and microorganisms. It is generally more effective at killing germs and viruses which stay in your hand. Hand Sanitizer is a liquid that contains 60-95% alcohol based organic compounds. Generally soap and other liquid soap are less effective no rovirus and microorganisms. Today Sanitizer is working very effectively to protect us from CoronaVirus19. Alcohol has been generally antiseptic and its use in European countries since the 1980s. It is easily available in drug stores or medical stores. There are many hospitals using this product to help prevent the transfer of infection from one to another. Sanitizers have more disinfecting power than daily soap and simple hand washing with water. 


When you avoid using Sanitizer?

When you hand greasy and oily don’t use sanitizer. First you need to wash your hand and then use the sanitizer. When you do work in automobiles companies, construction sites and other sectors where you generally touch the grease, oil, dust, soil etc. For that time first you need to wash your hand properly. And then use the sanitizer to protect yourself from viruses and other harmful bacterial infections.

If Sanitizer is not available what to do?

Don’t worry if you don’t have sanitizer in your home and you want to protect yourself from infection and viruses. Lot of products are available in the market that contain 60-95% alcohol and n-propane organic compounds like. You can use the dettol, deodorant, eucalyptus oil, After shave lotion and brandy that contain some amount of alcohol in some of those products. To prevent the germs and infection you can make your own liquid, it is not much effective but it prevents you from viruses. If you find it difficult to buy sanitizer, then you can make it from the given option. 

Keep it safe place

Sanitizer is an alcohol based product it keeps in a safe place is more important. Alcohol can catch the fire easily. Alcohol is a high flammable organic compound that’s why sanitizers should be kept in a safe area. Keep out of children. Using more sanitizer may have a bad effect on barrier functions of skin. Keep away from direct sunlight.

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