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Yes! Sometimes it is a very major question for Womens when they get pregnant. Does Obesity Affect pregnancy? How much weight should be maintained BMI during pregnancy time. Women who are overweight or obese may arise many health issues during pregnancy and increase the health risk factor for moms and baby also. Obesity does have effects on pregnancy. Due to obesity it increases blood pressure, gestational diabetes problem, heart disease may be increased, and the chance of needing a cesarean delivery. Underweight also arises many complications during the delivery. So if being overweight is not good for health as the same as underweight is also not good for health during the pregnancy. During the pregnancy women should be active and healthy. Eat healthy and nutrient, avoid junk food and take more plenty of water. Some women also take help from doctors and health consultants.    


How might obesity affect the pregnancy?

1.  Obesity increases various complications during the pregnancy.

2.  Increase the risk factor of miscarriage, stillbirth and recurrent miscarriage happens. 

3.  Sometime Gestational diabetes may be arise if you are obese and overweight during pregnancy.

4.  Blood pressure problems may be increased and create more complications during the delivery also.

5.  Sometime it difficult vaginal delivery if you are obese. 

    Therefore, many health consultants give advice don’t overweight.

    Many researchers found that maternal obesity where the brain and spinal cord does not form properly in early development may increase the heart defect in new birth babies. 

How could obesity affect the baby also?

   As moms like baby obesity very harm newborn babies. Obesity may happen to babies in childhood. 

   Sleep Apnea is also a major risk in obesity during pregnancy. It is the condition where a person stops breathing for a short interval of time during sleep.  Which directly affects       the baby. Sleep Apnea is not caused only for fatigue it happens from high blood pressure, heart disorder and lung disorder.

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