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Do you have a problem of Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is diseases that change your lifestyle mentally and personally. Do you have a problem of Erectile Dysfunction? People feel queasy due to his this diseases in his life. Erectile dysfunction is male disease that come having make relationship with partner. Male part not erect properly due to some reason that’s why they don’t satisfies his partner. That is a very embarrassing moment for men they feel guilty due to make unsuccessful relation between with partner. Some people take help of viagra and other medication for treatment.  Sometimes it makes a physical or psychological problems  that are the main cause of depression and lose the self confidence.  The main symptom of ED is man’s inability to get erect their secret parts for making relationships or during relationship. There are many causes that occur erection process problem. An erection is the result of proper flow of blood in men secret part. When a man becomes excited it internal part erect due to direct contact of blood flow usually and muscles of internal part being tight. But in ED, men muscles not tight due to improper flow of blood into his secret part that’s why it not erect. Generally this flow of blood through the penile arteries and filling two chambers inside men secret part when chamber fill with blood then internal part becomes erect tight. When muscles contract and accumulated the blood flow through the penile veins it means men become good in making relationships more long time.

Erectile Disorder

There are some main causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It’s a very complex process that involves muscles, blood vessels, nerves, brain and emotion. Sometimes the main cause of ED are stress, depression, mental disorders.  And the common causes are:

  1. If men have heart disease
  2. Atherosclerosis
  3. High cholesterol
  4. Obesity
  5. Diabetes
  6. Parkinson’s 
  7. Tobacco use
  8. Peyronie
  9. Sleep Disorder
  10. Surgery or injury in your pelvic area of spinal cord

Treatment and Medication

If you feel that this problem is occur firstly you consult with doctor and prescribe the medicines on you daily basis. There are some oral medication and oil for massaging. Erectile dysfunction are identified in two manners that are penile suppository and other one is self injection  

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