Thu. Jul 2nd, 2020

Can You Treat It? Nerve Pain

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The Nerve Pain

Uncontrolled nerve pain is too harder to bear the pain. Nerve pain caused due to high blood pressure in nerver. It is a stabbing pain in body nerve. It pinched nerve in your arms, hands, thighs and feet. There symptoms are very common i.e aching, sharp or burning pain in nerve areas. Sometimes it feel like numbness in nerve area, this pain may increase when you walk, long time stand in one place. Nerve is work as communication medium between your brain and your body parts. It send signal to brain your body feeling, when this nerve is not working you can not feel pain during the injury. Damage nerve may also very dangerous when you have an injury. Nerve pain issue in foot is commonly arise due to poorly fitting shoes. When your are comfort in your shoes, you never feel exhausted while you are walking, long time standing in one place. Your diet also depends on your blood circulation and active your nerve of your body. The pinched nerve can occur in various areas of your body but its generally occur in foot.

Sometimes you see your feet have swelling due to pain this is also caused by nerve pain. If you want to relief from nerve pain you should do some proper treatment Regular exercise, oil massage in affected areas.

Other Causes of Painful Foot Physical trauma, that may occur after surgery or an accident Take more painkiller drugs, antiviral drugs or antibiotics Sometimes tumors that compress a body nerve Liver or kidney disease Due to deficiency of Vitamin and multivitamins.

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