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Are Folic Acid essential for our body ?

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Folate and folic acid is a natural form of Vitamin B9. Folate and folic acid both are interchangeably form of Vitamin B9, Folic acid is the synthes version of processed food whereas folate can be found in whole food in leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits like orange , Folic acid is very helpful to form the DNA and RNA are both involved in protein metabolism. Folic acid produce a healthy red blood cell and it help in critical period like pregnancy and fetal development in body. Folic acid prevent heart attack, cancer, dementia and neural tube defects. As per researchers we should take 400mcg folic acid per day for good health.

Food Contains Folic acid: Legumes, beans, peas and lentils.
Leafy Greens.
Citrus Fruits.
Brussels Sprouts.
Nuts and Seeds.
These foods are a rich source of folic acid. Folic acid are required to help prevent anemia and make red blood cell healthy that reduce tiredness and weakness. It also prevents heart attack or heart diseases due to healthy blood cells. Folic acid reduce the risk during the delivery of the baby.

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