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We all know a headache is common illness but when it becomes more frequently manner this means that something is wrong. So many people take this part is very easy manner. I suggest you don’t take it in an easy way.  Because of sometimes this headache change into a migraine. Migraine is a very debilitating disease which starts disturbing our daily life or daily routine. This Migraine disease can vary from person to person, but most of migraine patients have common symptoms. In migraine pain you feel dizzy and stiffness in your head on the back side. When you got feel headache you took the painkiller(s) medicine for instant relief because more painkiller will detrimental effects on your health. Firstly, I suggest you should go to a health care center(s) and consult with a doctor. Every headache is not migraine, but if it happens in very frequent manner might be it migraines. So, Just noted down your symptoms on a paper and consult with a doctor. 

Migraine Aura

Today we are talking about the “AURA MIGRAINE”, i.e is commonly happen with people. The people feel dizziness and ringing in your ears and some blurring or zigzag lines you see. All day you felt queasy on lay on the bed. AURA MIGRAINE attack happens in frequently manner. This is pain comes to be 24 – 72 hours.  Aura Migraine are also known as “classical migraine” which affects about 30% of migraine sufferers. There symptoms are very common but it happens you see very flashy light and dark patches or sometimes sparks light. Some needle pins your head and this pain spread from one part to other one part. You felt down due to dizziness and feel stiffness in our head. Aura Migraine is the warning sign of an oncoming migraine attack. It means when you get something like aura attack it means you need to prevent severe migraine attack and take medication to reduce your migraine pain.  This “Classical Migraine” sometimes very dangerous if you take these symptoms in easy manner sometime it becomes the reason stroke also.  

Some tips which you prevent from classical migraine

  1. Daily Massage through essential oils.
  2. Take proper rest.
  3. Meditation and  yoga is best for all even migraine sufferers also.

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