Thu. Jul 2nd, 2020

5 Effective Tips : Lose your weight

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Now a days overweight is most common problem in humans due to high dense food, not in regular exercise etc. Do you know it also increase due to more sleeping, more sedentary these also cause of overweight. You never lose your weight in a day or week, You need to follow tips on a regular basis for good health.
So, Today I give you 5 icon few effective tips to lose weight…

Take Green tea every morning : Green tea contains a small amount of caffeine and antioxidant that burn your body fats.

Drink more water Especially before meals: Water is the main source to reduce all illness in your body.

Eat High Protein breakfast: Protein food reduce craving and calories from our body which intake throughout the day.

Cut-Back sugar: in your food cut the quantity of sugar even though don’t take more sugar containing food.

Sometimes we don’t have time to do exercise on a regular basis in that part you can take more leafy green vegetables and Fruits.

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