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What is the meaning of branch chain amino acid?

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Thank you for reading our blogs, I have many questions about BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid) from my readers. Today I am trying to explain the BCAA. BCAA is the composition of Leucine, Isoleucine and valine, all are essential of amino acids that need to survive us. Leucine stimulates protein production in our body muscles to make stronger. BCAA helps to build our muscles approximately 35%.  It is also very helpful to recover our muscles when you workout daily. Isoleucine promotes blood sugar (glucose) and stores in our muscles while blocking our muscle carbohydrate and prevents breakdown of muscles. Amino Acids are the most popular supplements for bodybuilders and athletes. Our body is not capable of producing amino acids as much as we need. Due to lack of amino acids in our body we suffer muscular deterioration. We also discuss amino acids benefits and why we should take BCAA supplements.


BCAA helps to increase our body metabolism and recover our muscles. In the supplements world we see many products are available in the open market to build your body muscles to make them stronger.  There are some confusion in bodybuilders’ minds about which product is good for us. Which amino acid product is best for them. I suggest, if you want to start working out you should take minimum amino acid because our body is not prepared high dose and it may affect our body in a bad manner. Amino acids are very helpful to prevent liver disease and increase body performance.

Amino Acids Benefits


When you intake amino acid pre-workout or post workout. So many people confused over there they did do? It’s a very simple way first you find why you want to take amino acids. If you do workout for regular fitness not for bodybuilding you take amino acids before the workout. because it helps to maintain hydration throughout the workout and boost your energy and performance. If you want to become a bodybuilder and athlete, please follow your coach instruction either they suggest pre-workout or post-workout. You also consider how much quantity to take amino acid in one time because if the amino level increases in your body it affects your body in a bad manner that is harmful for your body. 


    1. To Improved Muscle Growth – BCAA is a rich source of protein, while workout we need energy and BCAA is a good supplier of energy and activates our metabolism in our body and supply energy. “Leucine” is very helpful to improve our muscles due to protein synthesis after workout. 
    2. Increase Endurance BCAA are very helpful to prevent short endurance. While working out sometimes you feel exhausted very rapidly. BCAA supplements change your way of body uses primary fuel source. Due to glycogen is stored in BCAA that helps to make it strong and increase your energy while working out.
    3. Muscles Recovery: BCAA supplements take pre or post workout to reduce the muscle injuries. It is very useful to prevent muscle injuries and it may specially help to recover your muscles. It also prevents muscle breakdown and stimulates the protein in our muscles.
    4. Prevent Liver damage: BCAA supplement granules increase our survival and quality of healthy life. BCAA controls the blood albumin levels in our body.  Due to high protein, fiber, carbohydrates and nutritional components improved the glucose level and ammonia levels that increase our liver make more strong.  
    5. Prevent brain Damage: Due to liver damage, many toxic substances build up and store in our brain and may cause brain damage. BCAA compounds leucine and isoleucine are very helpful to prevent brain muscle injuries.  
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