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WHY we say vitamin ‘A’ says retinoid, let’s start this february with full of nutrition, This month is very amazing not more cold not feel like summer it’s cool. So, Today we are talking about the vitamin A. Vitamin ‘A’ plays an important role in our body this is essential vitamin for body part growth, eye vision, maintain immune function and reproduction. Vitamin ‘A’ have some fact that clear why this vitamin is so essential for us. We also talk about their deficiency symptoms and rich source food of vitamin ‘A’. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant, it helps to make stronger our heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs of our body. It also very helpful for our body skin and mucous membranes that repel bacteria and viruses more effectively manners.  Vitamins ‘A’ derived from the animal and vegetables. Vitamin ‘A’ deficiency is common in developing countries but there is some quite rate in the United States. The earliest sign of this is Night Blindness.


Vitamin ‘A’ is a group of organic compounds that are unsaturated organic compound that includes retinol, retinal and retinoic acid that has multiple functions. Due to their organic structure and formation of vitamins is needed by the retina of our eye in form of retinal which combines from two source opsin and rhodopsin. Retinoic acid is very important for our bones it boost our hormones and help to our growth. That is the main vitamins ‘A’ says retinoid. Vitamin ‘A’ is a good source of antioxidant compound you can well diet of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. There are two types of vitamins ‘A” is found in animal products such as meat, poultry and dairy foods. and second one vegetable and fruits has rich source of vitamin ‘A’.


  1. Good Source of Vitamins ‘A’


Serving Size


Beef Liver

4 Oz


Sweet Potato

1 Medium


Pumpkin Pie

1 slice



½ cup


Cooked Spinach

1 cup



1 cup



If you’re suffering from deficiency of vitamin ‘A’, might all these problems happen with you. These are the common symptoms that seems to be known about the significant of lack of vitamin ‘A’. At this time first you consult with your familiar doctors.  


  1. Your eyesight becomes down and you will not clear visualization in night this is called as Night blindness
  2. Your bone development become slowed growth you feel like frailing day by day. 
  3. Some problems arise immune function
  4. Increased infections
  5. Which foods contain vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble unsaturated organic compound that found in two major forms:

  1. Animal food has rich source of retinol, special beef liver have much 1564 Mcg Vitamin ‘A’ in 4oz of beef. and  retinol is found in milk, cheese and butter.
  2. Carotenoids is rich source from plants, vegetables and fruits. Whereas Orange color Carrot is good source of carotenoids compounds. Even though many health consultant said that during the deficiency of vitamin ‘A’ carrot is the best food to eat. Carotenoids and beta carotenoids are commonly found in dark green leafy vegetables. Some yellow orange fruits like capsicum and kumara that contains carotenoids. The carotenoids compound  are converted into Vitamin A compounds in our body. 

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