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Vitamin E For Skin Care

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Skin is the largest organ of the body either for human beings or animals. Everyone should care for this important organ of our body. About 20 Square feet covered the total area of our body. Skin protects us from many microbes and harmful elements. It regulates our body temperature, heat and cold. Skin has three layers EPIDERMIS that the outer layer that works as a barrier and prevents our body from harmful elements it creates skin tone. DERMIS is the second one layer. This is tough and connective tissues, hair follicles and sweat glands. HYPODERMIS is made of fat. It is a deeper subcutaneous tissue and connect tissue. Skin color is created by some special cell that is known as melanocytes and it is located in epidermis. This is the main reason our skin color varies from person to person. Vitamin E is one all vitamins that care for our skin. Vitamin E is a very essential vitamin for us.

Vitamin E for skin

Vitamin E is the group of many fat soluble compounds with distinct antioxidant roles. Vitamin E naturally occurs in eight chemical forms such as Alpha-, Beta-, Gamma-, and Delta-tocopherol and Alpha- Beta-, Gamma-, Delta-tocotrienol. Vitamin E is generally provided to skin through sebnum. Vitamin E can help to absorb the energy from ultraviolet light. That prevents skin damage from free radicals. Because the contribution of free radical cells developed a cardiovascular disease and cancer also. The main source of Vitamin E is food. Nuts, seeds, vegetables oils, green leafy vegetables, soybeans etc. Vitamin E is found in a variety of foods and supplements. But health consultants suggest your quality diet fulfills Vitamins E quantity in our body. 

Vitamin E Beneficial for Skin

Vitamin E is reducing the UV damage skin and recovering the damage free radical cells of our body.

Tocopheryl acetate and tocopherol are the most common chemicals that are found in our body skin and vitamin E also. This is the main reason in all cosmetic skin products you found vitamin E in their ingredients. Because it is a safeguard for our skin.   

Facts of Vitamin E

Alpha-tocopherol is the primary form of vitamin E and it maintains in our body. Alpha-tocopherol chemical specifically of transport protein. Free radical cells weaken and break down our healthy cells due to this part we survive from heart disease and cancer. Vitamin E is the most powerful antioxidant properties that may help to reduce all these free radical cells. And it slows the aging process of body cells and reduces the free radical cell damaging.

Good Source of Vitamin E 

  • dry and roasted sunflower seeds contains 7.4 mg of Vitamin E in an ounce
  • Roasted almonds contains 6.8 mg of Vitamin E in an ounce
  • Roasted and dry hazelnuts, contains 4.3 mg of Vitamin E in an ounce
  • dry roasted peanuts, 1 oz., which provides 2.2 mg of vitamin E
  • kiwifruit, 1 medium-sized, which provides 1.1 mg of vitamin E
  • mango, sliced, 1/2 cup, which provides 0.7 mg of vitamin E
  • tomato, raw, 1 medium-sized, which provides 0.7 mg of vitamin E

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