Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020
Joint pain is very common to all, sometimes it happens suddenly and it very painful. This is also called arthritis. Arthritis is a musculoskeletal disorder in our muscles like tendons, nerves, ligamints, joints and other soft tissue these number may conditions arrive. Joint pain is among of the musculoskeletal disorder a chronic pain arise in between your bones that provide support body movement and we unable to move our body parts in regular way.  If this joint pain happens everyday it may be difficult to do work in our regular life. There are 54.4M US adults (27.7%) suffering from this diseases as per research of Centers for disease control and prevention. Approx. 45-64 years working age adults that have suffering from joint pain. Everybody knows aging is a natural process. So compulsory some changes happen in our body due to loss of muscle mass and their function. Sometimes your poster may arise your joint pain also. Some irregular way work and lack of nutrient diet may also reason of joint pain.
Joint Pain Structure

This joint pain problem increase in winter season and it makes more common health problem to all. There are almost 50% senior citizens seeking treatment for joint pain in the winter seasons. Due to joint pain patient have stiffness, fatigue and swelling problem in winter season. Some people feel more cold and their body more shivered in winter due to lack of nutrition in his/her body and they feel joint pain also. 

Don’t take more medication during the joint pain. Some medications have side effects that may cause of cancer and other serious illness.

Today, We read about their common symptoms and signs of Joint pain

Swelling: One of the most common symptoms in joint pain. This range can be minimal to severe. Your body joint part can swell due to some reasons. That may symptoms of joint pain.  

Pain Intensity: Your pain intensity may be varied from mild to chronic  due to some small work. You can’t able to do work properly. When you feel pain in the same part from a long time that may be joint pain.  

Joint Warmth: It also very common sign to identify joint pain. In these symptoms our body parts become swollen and feel warm as well as redness of those areas.  

Lack of movement of body parts: In joint pain, your body are not able to move body parts in regular way, you need support or do more efforts to move those parts. That leads to loss of grip between the bones. 

Let’s do some important work on a daily basis

Regular exercise: Regular exercise or morning walk is very good for health and it also very helpful to reduce the joint pain. 

Milk with turmeric powder: Take warm milk with turmeric powder (very small quantity). Turmeric powder is a panacea in joint pain. If you take regular milk with turmeric powder you can never suffer from joint pain.

Healthy diet:Your diet must be healthy, don’t take high dense food. Take high rich protein and multivitamins foods. Even though you can take health supplements products for a healthy diet.

Reduce Weight: If you’re fatty, firstly want to reduce your fats through workout every morning. Take green tea and other herbal products for reducing weight.

Daily Massage in Joint Pain: Massage with oil is very good treatment, Warm Mustard oil with camphor is best oil for joint pain massaging. It gives you relief from chronic pain not instantly but on regular massaging reduce your pain slowly. 

Bath from warm water: If you’re using cold water during the bath. just leave it today! This may be dangerous for your health. Warm water is the second best treatment for joint pain.  

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