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Stop! Snoring, How can you fix the snoring problem?

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Snoring is a very common problem for all. Snoring is noisy breathing while you sleep, then tissues vibrate in the upper airway. Snoring is the harsh sound which comes from your nose or your throat. Sometimes it is very harmful for us, generally we ignore and take a dig at snoring words but this common problem is not common for all on every time. Snoring is linked to more major and serious health problems. Some people have these chronic problems. Fatty and obese person have suffer from this snoring problem. Snoring problems also happen due to the stage of sleep, sleeping position and use of medication and alcohol. Approximately 90 Million American adults have suffered from this problem where 37 Million on a regular basis. as per sleepfoundation organization report. So. How can you fix the snoring problem? Today we discussed, you can easily fix this problem through some home remedies.


How can you fix it?

  1. Change your sleep position- Sleeping position can be a major cause of snoring. You should sleep on your side and raise your head from a few inches elevated by using a pillow. You can also use an anti-snoring pillow to improve neck position.
  2. Avoiding alcohol and sedating medications – If you are taking alcohol or sedating medication. Just quit all these things. Alcohol acts as a depressant which is very harmful for your health also. If you are in the habit of alcohol before the bedside you should take it before 4 hours.
  3. Losing weight: If you are overweight or a patient of obese this is also a major cause of snoring. because the body can’t move properly during sleep. Fat tissue of our nose and throat can surround and the airway this is main reason behind that snoring is most common problem to obese and and overweight people.

  4. Throat exercises: Throat exercise is very important and very helpful to fix the snoring problem. Through exercise can do with the help of your tongue. You sing a song like la-la-la-la where you maximise uses of tongue. 

  5. Using mask: Sometimes dust is the major factor of snoring, Dust can block your nose nasals and our nose airway becomes narrow. So you should wear a mask.  

Recommended Diet: 

  1. Keep dinner light in terms of carbohydrates containing foods.
  2. avoid excessive consumption of sweets at night and carbonated drinks at night.
  3. Reduce or avoid caffeinated beverages.
  4. Take dinner at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  5. Take more fresh and green vegetables.

Take Ginger and honey tea: Ginger is the most common household item. Ginger is relief from snoring problems due to it containing high anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents reduce the allergies if it happens. Drinking honey and ginger tea twice a day.

Garlic and Onion: Garlic and onion prevent drying the nose and reduce the congestion in your nose nasals. It also reduces the swelling tonsils and it prevents sleep apnea. Take garlic or onion and add it into your dinner.

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