Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020

Obesity is a curse ?

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According to the WHO report, today obesity is a curse for our life. Since 1975, obesity increase nearly tripled. approx. 1.9 billion people are suffering from obesity, where 18 years and older are overweight. Even though 41 million children under the age of five are overweight. All these reports you can see that obesity is the curse across the world. Obesity is defined as a lot of excessive fat accumulation in the body. Obesity occurs due to improper food, no physical activity, fatty foods etc. Sometimes it’s a genetic problem but generally, it arises from some improper routine like more sleeping, intake heavy food. Obesity increases various health problem which requires urgent attention. When your body is imbalanced due to the consumption of calories. When a human being takes high dense food with high fat it increases calories, but due to not physical activity done by human beings these calories not burn or consume in another form from this reason fat increase in our body. Now the question is, how can we reduce overweight? Firstly stop eating the high dense food, this is the most dangerous food in obesity. Do more physical activity on a regular basis, morning and evening both. Proper 6-hour sleep in the night. Intake limit sugar and fats. Increase the consumption of green vegetable, fruits, grains, nuts. Daily exercise is very important for reducing obesity or fats from the body.

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