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More Than Coffee

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Coffee and tea are two basic products that we have in our daily life routine. We take and enjoy coffee taste with our friends and family members. But, did you know that coffee is not only a coffee?, it more than coffee, Yes! Health Expertise said that coffee is health food it is very useful for our health if we take daily 2-4 cups in a day. Coffee contains many micro-macro nutrients which make more active in comparison to tea. Coffee have rich source of antioxidant component that may help to reduce many chronic diseases. Caffeine is the added compound in coffee that is natural chemical process which activates the central nervous system. A person whose take coffee on a  regular routine in the morning, that person have good short term memory , focus, alertness even though long term memory as well.  

Coffee for health

Coffee has more antioxidant compounds other than tea, green tea and cocoa. Many scientists have found that approx 1000 antioxidants compounds in unprocessed coffee and 100+ more develop during the roaster process of the coffee. It is also a source of dietary supplements.  Some of these reports tell that coffee is more beneficial to stay healthy and fit. Antioxidant compounds fight inflammation, it prevents many diseases like arthritis, atherosclerosis and there are so many cancer types. It protects the cells damaging and it protects our heart from attack or other disease. Antioxidant phytochemicals found in coffee beans. Coffee are very helpful to reduce the diabetes disease also and preventing the tissue damage. If you feel depressed you need to take coffee 3-5 cups in a day. If coffee is more than coffee sometime it bad for your health also. Addictive coffee takers have more risk of cardiovascular diseases. Coffee also enhance your body performance during the workout. The health consultant says you must take more than coffee in a day.

Benefits of Coffee

  1. Coffee prevent the memory loss problem.
  2. It reduces the risk of certain cancer diseases. 
  3. It prevents chances of gout in men.
  4. Coffee make liver stronger and reduce the cirrhosis problem of liver.
  5. Coffee is very useful to reduce diabetes.

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