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How to Cure Yourself from Coronavirus i.e Covid 19?

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Today the whole world fights with coronaVirus i.e COVID 19. It infects our respiratory system and makes our immune system as well as difficult to breath properly. It is more dangerous when pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and death. We see the statistics of cases of CoronaVirus are increasing day by day. Total cases are seen of CoronaVirus are 126,273 in the whole world, 4,633 people have died due to CoronaVirus and 68,286 are recovered from that virus. If you take precaution properly it is not infected like hand washing from antiseptic soap from time to time doesn’t touch your nose, eyes or even your face. It spread people to people. The people who are in close contact with other people. So please maintain the gap min 6 feet between the people.  Right now we just take some important precautions to save yourself from CoronaVirus

Corona Virus

We should take some herbal food to protect yourself from coronavirus. It affects our immune system. We focus to make our immune system stronger to fight these viruses. Immune system helps to fight fungi, bacteria, and viruses because it has two subsystems: innate and adaptive. Our daily uses herbal remedies are very effective to prevent coronavirus. If you take regular Giloy and Aloe Vera juice your immune system makes strong and it fights from coronavirus. 

Some Herbal Remedies may help to protect from coronavirus

Ginger: Ginger is the best remedy to fight any virus or infection of our body, Ginger is good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Therefore ginger is good for us. You can easily take ginger in tea, green tea, in milk.   

Turmeric: Turmeric is also a very good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that may help to reduce the virus and bad cells from our blood vessels. It makes our immune system strong. You can take one full glass of water and a pin of turmeric or one glass of milk and pin of turmeric are very effective.  Turmeric is also used for cancer treatment as medicine.

Green Tea: Green tea is very effective to detox our lungs and respiratory system. This time take green tea two times in a day. Green tea has more beneficial compounds that may help prevent from many health issues.

Giloy and Aloe vera Juice:  These two things are very effective to make your immune system strong. Giloy world famous herbal remedy for all health issues. Aloe vera has compounds that prevent our skin from any bacterial, fungi and virus. It is a good rich source of vitamin E and other important nutrients.

Tulsi, clove and Black pepper: This is an ancient herbal remedy that comes from many thousands years. If you take Tulsi, clove and black pepper  with warm water, it protects our body.

Apart from these remedies you should take more precaution, hand wash properly, keep distance at least 6 feet from person. Don’t touch your face, wear gloves in your hands, wear a mask on your face. Cover your face when you sneeze and cough in public places or by somebody.

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1 thought on “How to Cure Yourself from Coronavirus i.e Covid 19?

  1. It is very helpful for me. And Covid-19 epidemic is terrible in the wordwide now.
    Thanks for the suggestions to pretect ourself to be inflected. I will keep a habit to watch the hand with the sanitizer.
    It is also neccesorry to keep a social distance when we are in a crowd.

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