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Today, obesity is a big challenge in our society. We saw that there are a lot of people are suffering from the high fat. They didn’t do any work properly. I received so many questions about obesity, How to burn fat in a month? that is a big challenge to reduce obesity in a month. First to request to all of my readers, don’t concentrate reduce fat in a month to concentrate on your daily work routine consistency.  One by one step if you follow definitely you will achieve burn fat of your body. Your small step will make change your body shape as you deem for it. You will focus on your diet, daily workout and some change in your lifestyle daily work. After that you weight loss much more manageable for you. Some tips, if you can follow that you drop 7-10 pounds weight lost in a month.

Reduce Obese tips



  • Do Aerobics: Aerobics is the best physical exercise that increases your heart rate and burn more calories. Aerobics increase your strength of your lungs and make your muscles ligaments strong. You must do aerobic exercise 20-30 minutes daily, you can observe yourself you weight lose. Jogging, cycling, swimming, boxing it can burn calories fast. 

  •  Count your calories: Only reduce your calories not a solutions. You need more calories than you burn. If you count your calories every alternate days that is accountable for you and make sure that how much you do more effort to reduce your body weight and how much you need to burn your calories per day. 

  • Take effective beverage in your daily routine: So many people take juice, soda, energy drinks etc. for healthy diet all these are good but do you check their calories? I suggest take more normal water or warm water that is very useful to burn calories and your body fat. Drinks contain sugar that might increase your calories. 

  • Don’t eat quickly: If you are in the habit of eating more quickly. Don’t do that. Slow eating is the habit of good and healthy life. Chewing more your per bites. Most of the time when you eat quickly that food doesn’t digest properly. Taking small bites and plenty of water with diet that may help to reduce your body weight loss. 

  • Fiber is important: Fiber is a nutrient that helps to stabilize your blood sugar and keep fuller longer. Health consultant said fiber is very important for weight loss process. If you take 10-14 grams fiber daily you can decrease 8-10% in calories intake. veggies, legumes and whole grains has rich contains fiber.  

  • Protein is good for you: Take protein in your breakfast it is a great way yo start your day with full of protein. Approx 30% calories reduce daily if you intake protein daily in your breakfast. If female intake protein with breakfast it increase feeling of full freshness and lowered the levels of certain hormones that stimulate. There are so many fruits, vegetables and animal derived foods that contain high protein like eggs, yogurt, oats, milk, cheese, etc.  

  • Be Veggies: Take more green vegetables, because green vegetables contain antioxidant compounds that may help to burn calories. Vegetables are ample supply of vitamins, antioxidants, nutrition and minerals with low number of calories. Vegetable reduce 17% of weight loss and prevent the obese. Take green vegetables in your snacks, salads.

These are some important tips that may help to burn fat in your body. For any query you ask us

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