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Gain your body mass

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We all know how to gain body mass, but its effective when you follow proper diet, proper workout and more. Today there are so many people either they men or women want to stay healthy and fit. People take health supplement on a daily basis after or before workout. There are so many health supplement products are available in the market. We can purchase from it. Health supplement ingredients play an important role for increase or gain body mass. Physician consultant and researchers study or theory underweight are greater risk of early death men and women ration are 140% and 100% respectively. As well as obesity is also a cause of early death i.e risk factor are 50%.

If you want to gain body mass you may eat more calories, for gain your weight then you take 300-500 calories per day i.e should be more than you burn each day. Protein shake is very important nutrient to build your body mass but in proper quantity. Health consultant and gym trainer suggest that protein may take 15 minute to 20 minute before you start workout that may increase your muscles in good manner. Sometimes an overdose of protein may cause of bad health. If we are talking about your daily diet you must follow or take some proper foods like Nuts, dried fruits, fat dairy, grains, tubers, dark chocolate for vegetarian, if you are non-vegetarian you may take fish beef, chicken, lamb eggs etc.

Some important tips to gain your body mass.

  1. You may take health supplement products i.e more protein, multivitamins, energy, calorie based ingredients.

  2. People should do proper workout join the gym under a professional coach.

  3. You should take proper diet three times a day. 

  4. Eat carbs but only after the workout.

  5. Drink more water in day

  6. Last and very important don’t break your breakfast routing

Gain your body mass
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