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Beware from obesity

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Obesity is the main cause of many diseases. 

Excess body weight is a very serious problem which we are facing today in our society across the globe. Obese have more than BMI>30 it means that you’re suffering from obese. Obese is like a curse of our society because it increase many diseases in our body. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, kidney problem, heart disease, cancer, joint pain and many more. Obesity leads to short and long term health problems for you and your loved ones. We all beware of obesity, because no-one feels like suffering from any diseases. If you have done some efforts on our daily routine lifestyle you’ll never survive from obesity. Normal weight is explaining that you’re healthier and stay fit. Your behaviour may be the cause of obesity that are your dietary pattern, physical activities, inactivity, more medication uses and others and some contribution from genetics. 

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Lets see how many problem will arise from obesity

  1. Type 2 Diabetes
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Heart Disease and strokes
  4. Cancer
  5. Osteoarthritis
  6. Kidney diseases
  7. Fatty Liver diseases
  8. During pregnancy

These are the major diseases that may be caused by obesity. If your BMI increases month to month it means increased obesity. Health expert says:

  • Underweight: BMI below 18.5
  • Normal weight: BMI should be 18.5 to 24.9
  • Overweight: BMI of 25 to 29.9
  • Obesity: BMI of 30 or higher. 

Normal BMI measurement varies as per your age also.

Why is Obesity a curse?

Obesity is a curse because it reduces your quality of life. You may not be able to do things like normal weight people physical activities. People do not entertain you due to this health behaviour. After that these some problem arise in your life

  • Depression
  • Disability 
  • Sexual Problem
  • Shame and guilt
  • Social isolation
  • Lower work achievement

Some extra efforts you can change your life and we know you can do it.

There are many obeses people who accept the challenges and fight against his/her obesity behaviour and they achieved nothing is impossible. Some extra efforts can change your lifestyle. 

  • First don’t think that you will reduce your weight within a week or a month. You should follow proper routine and change your lifestyle.
  • Meditation is the best way to reduce obesity, Yoga is one of them. When you start meditation and yoga. It may be possible that you face some challenges. But don’t be afraid of them and be confident you can do it.
  • Morning  walk and jogging are very helpful to burn your body fat and body organs make it stronger. 
  • Take green tea on a daily basis at least 2 -3 times a day.
  • Take protein rich food in breakfast
  • Your diet plan like Breakfast (Heavy), Lunch (Light foods), dinner (very light food)
  • Avoid medication 
  • Do workout daily at least 30 – 60 minutes daily.
  • Stop high dense food, Oily foods, fast foods like burger, pizza, noodles etc. Stop eating all those foods that have high quantities of fat. 
  • Control your hungry foody  nature.
  • Monitor your weight regularly. Monitoring tells whether your effort does work or not. 
  • You can also follow health clinics, gym, aerobics and other physical activities.


In many cases, study and survey reports say the world’s population is more die due to obesity than underweight. The number of people is approximately 2.1 Billion which makes up like 30% of the total population.  Do you see that figure. How OBESITY IS CURSE of our Society.




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